Mantis Directional
Thrombectomy System

Mantis Butterfly Tip Rotational Directional Thrombectomy



Powerful rotating action of the single leaf tip design effectively macerates wall-adherent thrombus while reducing the risk of endothelial damage.

Enables infusion of thrombolytics and contrast media through the built-in 3-way side-port and distal side.

Guidewire-like design enables steerability through tortuous anatomy

Choose low profile working area with adjustable leaf tip design

Indicated Vessels

•    Peripheral Veins

•    Pulmonary Artery

•    Inferior Vena Cava

•    Subclavien Vein

•    Hepatic Vein


  1. Leaf shaped tip design
  2. Contacts whole vessel lumen and effects wall adherent thrombus
  3. Creates vortex effect and macarates thrombus with TPA while preventing distal embolism
  4. Hydrophilic active tip
  5. Preserves vessel wall
  6. Excellent steerability
  7. Built-in infusion port allows infusion of TPA and contrast media
  8. Tip diameter adjustment adjuctable tip diameter size ranging from 5 to 20 mm
  9. Allows physician to perform treatment depending on application area and vessel size
  10. Decreases thrombolytic treatment dose significantly
  11. Prevents post-thrombolytic syndrome significantly
  12. Decreases length of stay in hospital
  13. No capital equipment
  14. Quick Setup


Design    Butterfly Tip shape
Influsion Zone    Distal tip between leaf tip and end of the catheter
Catheter Lenght    90cm, 110cm, 135cm
Catheter Profile    7.0 F,8.0 F
Radiopasity    Nitinol wire shape is visible from the distal tip to proximal shaft
Active Zone    5 mm - 60 mm
Catheter Inner Layer    PTFE
Structure of the Catheter    Nitinol shaft PA/PEBAX


Order Number Device outer diameter Working Length Tip Design Active Zone
VS1030 7.0 Fr 90 cm Butterfly 5 - 60 mm
VS1031 8.0 Fr 90 cm Butterfly 5 - 60 mm
VS1032 7.0 Fr 110 cm Butterfly 5 - 60 mm
VS1033 8.0 Fr 110 cm Butterfly 5 - 60 mm
VS1034 7.0 Fr 135 cm Butterfly 5 - 60 mm
VS1035 8.0 Fr 135 cm Butterfly 5 - 60 mm