PTA Drug Eluting Peripheral Balloon

A Unique Paclitaxel. Eluting PTA Balloon Catheter. Outstanding clinical performance and excellent long-term patient results.


The Extender is a drug-eluting balloon dilatation catheter designed for percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) and has been optimized for the treatment of patients with peripheral arterial disease.

The Extender is intended for peripheral interventions above the knee. This paclitaxel-eleluting balloon feature a proper coating technology that consistently delivers paclitaxel, an anti restenotic drug during very brief inflation times, while also minimizing washout of the drug during delivery and placement of the drug-eluting balloon.

Balloon catheters offer excellent pushability, trackability, and crossability due to a low balloon profile, low tip entry profile, and hydrophilic coating on the distal shaft of the catheter.

The Extender offers excellent pushability, trackability, and crossability due to a low balloon profile, low tip entry profile, and a hydrophilic coating on the distal shaft of the catheter.

with its unique coating, delivers a designated paclitaxel dosage where it matters most – across the target lesion.

Latest generation paclitaxel-eluting balloon for peripheral interventions.

Compatible for both below and above-the-knee applications due to variable balloon size options.

Indicated for

  • De-novo lesions
  • Restenosis after realization of the balloon and /or stent PTA
  • Pre- and post-dilatation in case of peripheral stent implantation

Mode of action

With balloon dilatation, the injuries to the arterial wall initiate an inflammatory reaction with an excretion of growth factors which trigger the onset of cell division and smooth muscle cell migration.

Paclitaxel prevents restenosis by stabilizing microtubule formation and thus prevents the cells from going through the phases of replication, resulting in the inhibition of cell division.

Once in contact with blood, the iopromide and paclitaxel coating swells and begins to open, facilitating the pressure-induced transfer of the paclitaxel.

Paclitaxel reduces the excretion of the platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) that mediates vascular smooth muscle cell migration to the intima.

The Extender delivers the designated concentration of paclitaxel locally to the arterial tissue. the properties of iopromide protect the paclitaxel during transition and placement.


Delivering the paclitaxel drug

Immediately after the controlled PTA, injury to the vessel wall key pathways contributes to the formation of neointimal hyperplasia.

Injury from cracking plaque can lead to narrowing of the lumen. Paclitaxel dose will act over the short term to inhibit cell re-growth.

Pre-dilatation prepares the way for the delivery of paclitaxel from the Extender balloon surface.



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Product features and benefits

  • Excellent pushability
  • Targeted drug delivery into the vascular wall
  • Single shot, short-term Paclitaxel delivery for long-term vessel patency
  • Homogeneous and complete polymer-free drug release
  • Low profile tip and balloon design for reduced friction and advanced crossing performance
  • Homogeneous drug delivery
  • Effectively inhibiting proliferation


Balloon Diameter    1.5 mm-12.0 mm
Balloon Lenght    20 mm - 220 mm
Catheter Diameter    5F
Catheter Lenght    80 cm, 90 cm, 120cm, 135 cm, 150cm
Radiopasity    Pt-Ir Marker
Applicable Guideware    0.014", 0.018", 0.035"
Drug/Quantity    Paklitaxel, 30/mm²



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