Thrombus Removal System

AngioHAND System is indicated for use in the revascularization of patients with pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis.


AngioHAND System is a Mechanical Thrombectomy catheter that is intended for use with our Continuous Aspiration Machine.The AngioHAND System is indicated to aid in the removal of clot from the body. Thanks to nitinol’s special material properties, the flexible handles loop re-assumes its original shape after exiting the catheter. The AngioHAND has a different diameter with a variable snare cross section dependent on its position when it is pushed out of the introducer.

Designed to remove thrombus from the vasculature using special design handles tip and continuous aspiration. It targets aspiration from the pump directly to the thrombus. The handles could be used to clear the lumen of the vessel should it become blocked with thrombus.

The catheter is designed for and proven to resolve small, fresh thrombus in arterial and peripheral veins.


  • Provides increased flexibility through its softer jacket,
  • Featuring a highly trackable,
  • Large lumen catheter,
  • Large bore syringe designed to rapidly extract large volumes of clot while limiting blood loss.
  • Superior Trackability to better navigate tortuous anatomies and smoothly deliver the catheter to the left PA and through dilated right hearts.
  • Effective Aspiration to enhance new technique aspiration for maximum clot removal.


Catheter Diameter    5F, 6F,7F
Catheter Lenght    90 cm, 120 cm, 150cm
Usable Introducer Sheath    5F, 6F,7F
Diameter of Effect Area:    3 mm - 30 mm
Side Port    Infusion/Aspiration


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