Inca Trellis
Thrombolysis System

INCA PROTECTION SYSTEM DEVELOPED FOR ACUTE APPLICATION OF SYSTEMIC THROMBOLYSIS. INCA Trellis is designed to perform as a Thrombolysis system. INCA’s easy placement system is suitable for acute PE, VTE, ICU, thrombectomy, and prophylactic patients. Permanent Solution to Acute Venous Thrombosis


In the presence of acute deep venous thrombosis involving inferior vena cava or iliofemoral vein segments and without recanalization

It can be used for injecting diagnostic and/or therapeutic agents and controlling blood flow to the selected area in patients with acute deep venous thrombosis involving the inferior vena cava or iliofemoral vein segments and without recanalization, peripheral thrombus patients, and patients at risk for pulmonary embolism. There are fibrinolytic and thrombolytic drug delivery ports. In this way, systemic thrombolysis activities can be performed from here.

Inca Trellis is engaged in the design, development, manufacture, and distribution of innovative endovascular catheters used in interventional procedures, particularly in catheter-guided thrombolysis (CDT) of large thrombi, in patients affected by arterial and venous thromboembolic conditions.

Inca Trellis offers an innovative line of endovascular catheters with a unique combination of pharmacomechanical, expandable shielding filters for the effective treatment of arterial and venous thromboembolic conditions, especially when treating large thrombi.

This unique approach provides additional protection along with thrombolytic therapy.

The Thrombectomy System features laser-punched custom gradient hole sizes in a spiral pattern for a more homogeneous distribution of therapeutic agents in slow continuous infusion with multiple application options.

There is a model with a filter mechanism that acts as a protective shield against the risk of embolism during the lysis process, and a wire model with a special design to prevent clogging. Both systems have 360-degree lysis processing ports. It is used with the device that provides an infusion of fibrinolytic drugs at different pressures at different power settings.

  • Antiblastics

  • Antibiotics

  • Thrombolytics

  • Antithrombotics

  • Vasodilators contrast agents




It performs fibrinolytic therapy with high contact of the thrombolytic agent with the thrombus surface.

Immediate PE protection

  • 100% Retrievable
  • Self – Centering
  • Innovative Design
  • No risk Migration
  • Maintains shape and positioning: Outstanding durability, even in the longest procedures
  • Stainless steel coil structure for consistent reliability
  • Allows easy penetration and smooth transition.
  • Smooth transitions: dilator-to sheath to Filter shaft
  • Provides lesion access: Exceptional trackability, even in the most challenging anatomy
  • Enhances visualization for precise positioning
  • Provides smooth movement: Coil reinforced tubing and PTFE inner-layer that minimizes friction
  • Shapes and sizes to meet your peripheral challenges


Design    Sinusoidal wawe shape
Infusion zone    10 cm from distal tip
Catheter Lenght    30cm, 45cm, 90cm, 110cm
Catheter Profile    5F - 7.0F
Radiopacity    Braided Catheter is visible from the distal tip to proximal shaft
Active Zone    15 cm
Catheter Inner Layer    PTFE
Structure of the Catheter    Nitinol shape PE/PEBAX


Order Number Filter outer diameter Working Length Catheter Diameter
VS1057 32 cm 30 cm 8.0 Fr
VS1058 32 cm 30 cm 9.0 Fr
VS1059 32 cm 30 cm 10.0 Fr
VS1060 32 cm 40 cm 8.0 Fr
VS1061 32 cm 40 cm 9.0 Fr
VS1062 32 cm 40 cm 10.0 Fr
VS1063 32 cm 50 cm 8.0 Fr
VS1064 32 cm 50 cm 9.0 Fr
VS1065 32 cm 50 cm 10.0 Fr