RD Global & Invamed acquires Cytronics branded orthopedic implant manufacturer Prosim.

Medical technology and production, the world's leading companies in the global RD & Invamed, Turkey and Cytronics still branded one of the most important actors in the global markets orthopedic implant manufacturer adds to the PROSÍM the site.

According to the statement made by RD Global & Invamed, the winner of the 'Leading Medical Device Manufacturer' award given by Global Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals in the field of vascular surgery in 2020, an international manufacturer of medical devices in many fields, especially in cardiovascular surgery, oncology and pharmaceutical medical device and pharmaceutical company RD Global & Invamed has agreed to incorporate the orthopedic implant manufacturer Prosim, which has an important place in the market with its innovative and advanced technology products.

With the agreement, RD Global & Invamed is expanding its fields of activity by adding orthopedics to its expertise with advanced technological and innovative steps in areas such as cardiovascular surgery, vascular surgery and oncology.

According to the information provided, Prosim, which was established in 2010 and produces advanced technology products in the fields of orthopedic implants, implant equipment and surgical application sets, is one of the leading companies in the domestic and global market.

With the completion of the purchasing process, RD Global & Invamed, who lives in about 60 countries and heals patients suffering from various ailments with 'innovative' treatment methods, will now have the chance to treat other patients and extend a helping hand to more people.

Investing in the Cytronics brand and Prosim company, which has become an international brand with its high quality and advanced technological orthopedic products and instruments, RD Global & Invamed aims to have a significant market share in the orthopedic medical device sector in the global arena.

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