Cranial Plating System

Here, rigid or semi-rigid internal fixation is used to hold the bone fragments together. It is also indicated for use in strengthening weak bone tissues in orthopedic surgical procedures such as cement restriction, pelvic reconstruction, and acetabular reconstruction.


Next Generation Cranial Plating System

Stella system is a full line of plates, screws, and meshes used for reconstruction of bony structures after cranial neurosurgical procedures.

The Stella system is designed for use in all oral-maxillo-craniofacial surgical reconstructive procedures, whether for orthognathic or trauma, and whether rigid or Semirigid internal fixation is used to anchor bone fragments. The system is also designed to be used to strengthen weak bone tissues in orthopedic surgical procedures such as pelvic reconstruction, acetabular reconstruction, and cement restriction. The product is not designed for use on the spine.

Detailed specifications


Implantation is easy with 1.5mm self-tapping screws from our titanium system.


Our cranial mesh implants reduce operating time as they are performed and ready to be implanted.


Titanium offers proven biocompatibility and strength.


The StellaCranial Covering System is a type of plate, screw, and mesh for use in reconstructive neurosurgical procedures such as cranial flap fixation.


The easy-to-use Stella System offers a wide variety of coating options and features to meet the needs of neurosurgeons and support personnel:

Compact, modular case with a full selection of implants and instruments for standard neurosurgery applications.

Benefit and Features

  • Modular, anodized aluminum screw box providing a stable platform for screw connection
  • Caps snap into place, reducing the possibility of screw loss
  • Modular, ergonomic plate box facilitating tool-free access to plates
  • Unique Cross Drill Screw head design
  • Increased head retention while minimizing potential peeling
  • Aggressive tip and cutter flute
  • High-strength titanium alloy standard screws are available

Next Generation Cranial Plating System

Stella system is a full line of plates, screws, and meshes for use in bony reconstruction after cranial neurosurgical procedures

  • Fractures
  • Osteotomies
  • Reconstructive Procedures
  • Revision procedures where other treatments or devices have failed
Order Number Proximal Outer Diameter
NR1173 200 mm x 200 mm
NR1174 155 mm x 155 mm
NR1175 125 mm x 80 mm
NR1176 120 mm x 120 mm
NR1177 100 mm x 100 mm