DeliveryCath Catheter

DeliverCath Catheter is a variable stiffness, single lumen catheter designed to access small, tortuous vascular areas. The outer surface of the catheter’s distal segment is coated with a hydrophilic material to provide lubricity during use.


The catheter also incorporates a PTFE liner to facilitate movement or introduction devices passed through its lumen. DeliveryCATH Catheter has a radiopaque marker at the distal tip to facilitate fluoroscopic visualization. The distal tip of the catheter is shapeable. DeliveryCATH is intended for the introduction of interventional devices and infusion of diagnostic or therapeutic agents into the neuro, peripheral, and coronary vasculature.


Flexibility and Stability

  • DeliveryCATH micro-catheter follows convoluted anatomy maintain its stability

Stainless Steel Braided Structure

  • Braided support from proximal to last 35 cm
  • Stable design for optimized device delivery

Pebax Outer Sheath High Radial Strength

  • 3 different Pebax layers for optimized proximal support and distal flexibility

PTFE Inner Lining

  • Ensuring minimum friction for optimized device delivery

Stainless Steel Coil Design

  • Variable pitch Coil design for enhanced flexibility Pebax Outer Sheath and radial power
  • Coil and braid technology combine to produce an ovalization-resistant catheter in convoluted anatomy.
  • Resis tant catheter in convoluted anatomy.


Designed To Access Small, Convoluted Vascular Spaces

Usable length    90 cm, 100 cm, 150 cm
Tip Lenght (cm)    10 cm
Tip Shape    Straight tip
Catheter Profile Proximal    3.2F
Catheter Profile Distal    2.8F
Radiopaque Marker    1 mm located at 2 mm from the tip
Guidewire Compatibility    0.018", 0.021"
Structure of the Catheter    PE/PEBAX



Order Number Proximal Outer Diameter Distal Outer Diameter Distal Inner Diameter Usable Lenght  Max Guidewire compatibility Distal Tip Lenght
NR1168 3.2 Fr 2.8 Fr 0,027” (0.7mm) 100 cm 0,021” 10 cm
NR1169 3.2 Fr 2.8 Fr 0,027” (0.7mm) 150 cm 0,021” 10 cm
NR1170 3.2 Fr 2.8 Fr 0,023” (0.6mm) 90 cm 0,018” 10 cm
NR1171 3.2 Fr 2.8 Fr 0,023” (0.6mm) 90 cm 0,018” 10 cm
NR1172 3.2 Fr 2.8 Fr 0,021” (0.5mm) 150 cm 0,018” 10 cm