Braided Long Sheath

Jaguar Catheter is designed to perform as a guiding catheter and an introducer sheath. Jaguar Catheter is designed to be used for the introduction of interventional and diagnostic devices into the human vasculature, including but not limited to the lower extremities, renal arteries, and carotid arteries.


JaguarCatheter is designed to perform as a guiding catheter and a long introducer Sheath. The catheter is coil reinforced, has a radiopaque marker, and is hydrophilically coated. It comes packaged with a dilator and a choice of hemostatic valve types.

A highly flexible and reinforced introducer sheath is designed to resist kinking. It incorporates a radiopaque marker located approximately 5mm proximal to the tip. Jaguaris available in several distal segment shapes. The sheath has an atraumatic tip that is hydrophilically coated.

The exact proper of the dilator in the sheath allows for simultaneous motion of both dilator and sheath. The shape of the dilator compliments the shape of the sheath. The radiopacity of the dilator has been greatly enhanced to increase the visibility. The distal segment of the dilator has been minimized to extend approximately 2 cm beyond the tip of the sheath.

Every JaguarCatheter has y-shaped valve types are equipped with a three-way stopcock connected by a side tube.




Designed to work with;

Maintains shape and positioning: Outstanding durability, even in the longest procedures

Resists kinking: Stainless steel coil for consistent reliability

Allows easy penetration and smooth transition.

Atraumatic tip: Minimizes potential for vessel damage

Smooth transitions: Guidewire-to-dilator-to sheath

Provides lesion access: Exceptional trackability, even in the most challenging anatomy

Enhances visualization for precise positioning: Triple radiopacity (sheath, dilator, and coil marker)

Provides smooth movement: Coil reinforced tubing and PTFE inner layer that minimizes friction

Shapes and sizes to meet your peripheral challenges


Maximum Guidewire Size    0.038" / 0.97 mm
Radiopaque Marker    Coil design and radiopaque marker at 5 mm from the distal tip of the sheath
Reinforcement inside the sheath    Stainless steel coil
Sheath Inner Layer    PTFE polyetrafluoroethylene
Maximum Guidewire Size    0.038"/0.97 mm
Structure of the Catheter    PE/PEBAX


Order Number Device inner diameter Working Length Shape
NR1161 6.0 Fr 45 cm Straight
NR1162 6.0 Fr 45 cm Angled
NR1163 6.0 Fr 45 cm Tapered
NR1164 7.0 Fr 45 cm Straight
NR1165 7.0 Fr 45 cm Angled
NR1166 7.0 Fr 45 cm Tapered
NR1167 6.0 Fr 65 cm Straight
NR1168 6.0 Fr 65 cm Angled
NR1169 6.0 Fr 65 cm Tapered
NR1170 7.0 Fr 65 cm Straight
NR1171 7.0 Fr 65 cm Angled
NR1172 7.0 Fr 65 cm Tapered
NR1173 6.0 Fr 90 cm Straight
NR1174 6.0 Fr 90 cm Angled
NR1175 6.0 Fr 90 cm Tapered
NR1176 7.0 Fr 90 cm Straight
NR1177 7.0 Fr 90 cm Angled
NR1178 7.0 Fr 90 cm Tapered