Aspiration Device

We offer the broad aspiration platform to complement our comprehensive portfolio of retrieval, access, and flow control products to treat acute ischemic stroke.


Dominant Thrombus Management Adjustable Aspiration Jet Rate

AspireJet is an innovative device designed for the neurovascular system that strikes a balance between high performance and thrombus-aspiration capacity.


Detailed specifications


Optimized type design

A strong will and superior king resistance

0.071” Large extraction lumen for better aspiration

Prevents vessel wall damage via guidewire system

Side aspiration window provides efficient aspiration of wall-attached thrombus


The mechanical aspirator continuously aspirates the volume with speed, force, and control.

Quickly bleed the engaged air, allowing the user to instantly increase or decrease the force without accidentally re-injecting the aspirin.

The Catheter is designed and proven to dissolve small, fresh thrombi in Neurovascular vessels.

Superior traceability

It leads to a seamless tracking design with its distal flex zone combined with a braided supportive proximal shaft for pushability.

  • Hydrophilic coating
  • Excellent kink resistance and pushability
  • Easy navigation through tortuous anatomies 
  • Dedicated tip design with radiopaque marker
  • Excellent crossability while providing atraumatic and effective aspiration
  • Ensures reliable fluoroscopic visibility 
  • Large Extraction Area
  • Constant, high-performance aspiration throughout the procedure
  • Choice of different catheter sizes (6 Fr and 8Fr guide catheter compatibility) for different coronary and peripheral applications

Catheter Profile
6F (0.082inch)
Radiopaque marker
1 mm located at 3 mm from the tip
Guidewire compatibility
Maximum diameter 0.035" (0.87 mm)
Structure of the Catheter

Order Number

Outer diameter



6 Fr

115 cm


6 Fr

125 cm


6 Fr

135 cm