RF Ablation Probe Soft Tissue

Radiofrequency Ablation



  • Predictable, repeatable ablations
  • Multi-point temperature feedback with dynamic, real-time readouts
  • Single 18 gauge cannula probe with scalable active length from 1-2.5 cm
  • One thermocouple
  • Slim handle design
  • Small minimally invasive incision with no soft tissue introducer required
  • Fits both CT and MRI gantries
  • Beveled surgical tip for easier penetration of hard tumors

Detailed specifications

Harmony Radiofrequency Generator

Made for reliability, efficiency, and ultimate control and customization, our Performance Platform delivers an unrivaled advantage for you and your patients.

Radiofrequency ablation is now more efficient and reliable than ever before. Enter the next generation and discover the control and confidence no other technology provides.

Harmony involves heating a part of the pain-transmitting nerve with a radiofrequency needle to create a heat lesion. This resulting lesion prevents the nerve from sending pain signals to the brain.

Goals of Radiofrequency Ablation

The goals of treating facet and sacroiliac joints with Harmony RF are to:

Reduce neck or back pain for longer periods of time, typically for more than 6 months.

Improve neck and back function for more range of motion, which may allow the patient to continue with a physical therapy program.

Reduce the intake of pain medications, which tend to have serious side effects or risks when used long term.

Avoid or delay surgery, which could carry additional risks and a long recovery period.

Double your confidence

Engineered with 100 watts you can achieve target temperature faster, with fewer errors.

Maximize your time and schedule.

Ramp up to temperature faster and start your procedure with a single touch of a button. Create a strip lesion without removing electrodes. Resolve errors in one step, without ever stopping the procedure.

Choose the order of lesions with independently run channels. Perform at your own pace with flexible stimulation controls. With the Harmony RF Generator, you can customize your procedure based on patient needs, procedural goals and personal preferences.

Standard cannulae and electrodes.

The Harmony Radiofrequency Generator heats a variety of cannulae and electrodes. Intelligently recognizing the electrode chosen, the Harmony RF Generator heats accordingly and automatically differentiates whether or not the procedure is monopolar.

  • Monopolar cannulae
  • Maneuver and glide easily
  • Match electrodes via color-coding
  • Offered straight or curved variety of lengths and gauges
  • Lengths: 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, and 200mm
  • Gauges: 18, 20, and 22
  • Active tips from 5mm to 15mm
  • Monopolar nitinol electrodes
  • Made of nickel-titanium “memory” metal
  • Available in color-coded lengths: 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, and 200mm