Multi-Layer Flow Modulator

The stent is made of super alloyed biomedical wire with a self-expandable system, knitted in a multi-layer tubular mesh structure. This design structure allows the stent to be flexible, conformable, and self-expanding.


The delivery system is compatible with 18F and 20F size - 0.035" guidewire. Sheath Y is connected to the pusher through the hemostasis valve. When tightened, the sheath locks into the holder. This lock is required to prevent premature deployment of the multilayer current routing system.

The multilayer Stena boots into the stent delivery system. Both are inserted percutaneously or by cutting down from the access artery (preferably the femoral artery) and advanced endoluminal to the desired lesion site under angiographic imaging.

  • Provides restoration of healthy laminar blood flow
  • Protects branch artery patency
  • Organized stable thrombus formation
  • Rapid endothelialization along the vessel wall
  • The effective minimally invasive implantation procedure
  • Radiopaque markers are made of tantalum at both ends.
  • Compatible with 0.035” guide wire.



  • With its tight-knit structure, it allows the creation of endothelialization
  • Its enlarged ends promote compliance with the aortic wall and provide optimum sealing at both proximal and distal landing sites to prevent the risk of type I and III leaks.
  • Conforms to complex aortic anatomy in challenging thoracoabdominal areas
  • Multi-layer braided design of nitinol alloy wires provides extra durability


   It has a low profile, push-pull and twist-resistant reinforced distribution system.


Stent Diameter    25 mm- 45mm
Stent Lenght    80 mm - 200 mm
Catheter Diameter    18F - 20F
Catheter Lenght    100cm
Radiopasity    Ta Marker
Applicable Guideware    0.035"
Stent Design    5-layer Mesh Design


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