Dolphin XS Support Catheter

What is the Dolphin XS Lumen Interference Support Catheter?

The Lumen Interference Catheter is a ReEntry support catheter designed to facilitate placement and positioning of guide wires, Contrast Solutions in the area of the snetonic lesions, including sub and chronic total occlusions within the peripheral vasculature. 

With its atraumatic tip structure and hydrophilic surface, it has a high transitional feature and progression in chronic total occlusions and vascular stenosis. It is a double lumen catheter that is used for crossing lesions in the occlusal and re-entry into the lumen in iliac and below-knee applications. Compatible with 0.014 ”and 0.018” wire.


What are the Uses of Dolphin XS Lumen Intervention Catheter?

Lumen Interference Catheter is used to place and position guide wires, contrast solutions in the peripheral vasculature, including sub and chronic total occlusions, in the area of the snetonic lesions.

DolphinXS Support Catheter is used to switch from Occlusion to the actual lumen. It is designed to achieve complex lesions of difficult anatomy during femoro-popliteal and below-knee interventions.

It provides better access to distal lesions, complex and small vessels. Its use in coronary, cerebral and carotid arteries is contraindicated.


Opening of Clogged Veins Called Chronic and Clogged Helpless

The main vessels that feed the heart and bring blood to the heart are called coronary vessels. As a result of sudden blockage of these vessels, a heart attack develops. Sometimes, the coronary vessels do not suddenly clog up, slowly clogging, individuals maintain their lives by limiting their daily physical activities due to complaints such as fatigue or chest tightness, and during these periods they develop natural thin veins that we call collateral to these veins, but they do not usually suffice. Heart Failure These occur in 15-30% of the heart vessels that are examined by angiography. Those who do not cause complaints are very few. However, over time, these vessels are not completely blocked or can be opened and closed after a heart attack, and when a long time passes, the heart tissue becomes lazy, does not work, does not contract, and serious and life-threatening situations such as heart failure occur. You Are Not Desperate These veins are generally “helpless” and when one or both of the three vessels in the heart is blocked like this, the person tries to keep his life alive with two or one remaining vein, while at the same time he faces heart attack and life threats. These situations are no longer "up to the point where they go" and their treatment is possible. Treatment of Chronic Total Occlusion These full occluded vessels are called "chronic total occlusion - chronic total occlusion - cto -" and these very calcareous, hard, petrified veins with heavy vessel stiffness plates (hard wires, balloons and stents made according to this procedure) With an angio-like procedure, the patient is opened in a short period of time without the patient being asleep and by entering the groin with a needle and reaching the heart.


 Below-knee femoropopliteal interference

Peripheral arterial circulatory disorders are an important. It is the cause of morbidity and insufficient limb nutrition significantly affects the quality of life of the patient. Atherosclerosis is the leading cause of chronic obstruction in the lower extremity arteries.

Atherosclerotic occlusive lesions are most common region is femoropopliteal arterial segment and its incidence is about 55%. In atherosclerotic occlusive lesions, the best method for relieving symptoms or rescuing the limb is to restore the flow by finding an open artery distally.


Dolphin XS Dolphin XS Lumen Interference Catheter Treatment Options

Sometimes preliminary examination with computed tomography may be required before angiography. With this treatment, complaints pass, heart failure is prevented, and in most of them, the life span is prolonged. The benefits of the process continue for an average of six years. The success rate of the transaction is around 70% worldwide. Due to the use of hard and piercing-cutting devices and being a risky operation, this process is performed by experienced operators.

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